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Silk Wizard Costume


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Sarah's Silks Silk Wizard Cape and Wizard Hat

Both boys and girls will delight in becoming wizards when they don these beautiful, dazzling blue celestial silk capes and wizard hats.  (It doesn't matter whether they love Harry Potter or have never even heard of him.  Wizards will be wizards; it just comes naturally.)  Wonderful quality by Sarah's Silks.

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Silk Wizard Cape
The wonderful Sarah's Silks starry night Wizard Cape is perfect for imaginative play for both boys and girls. Just put it on and suddenly a child has magical imaginative powers! The Wizard Cape features an elastic neck band/ruffle and gold ribbon ties. The color appears darker blue when worn or against a background, the color is beautifully luminous (as shown in the image directly above) when the light shines through it. Fits most children 3 to 9 years.

$31.95 $27.95

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Soft Silk Wizard Hat

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The Sarah's Silks Wizard Hat is a starry silk hat lined with sizing inside to allow the hat to stay nice and pointy. (Note: Please note that the NEW version of the Silk Wizard Hat is designed to remain in a wizardly cone shape - sizing inside the cap.) Fits most children 3 to 8 years.
15 in. tall.


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Pixie Pants and Star Streamer available separately.

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