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New Native Baby Carriers

(Color shown above:  Natural Organic Cotton Flannel)

New Native Baby Carrier - New Native Infant Carrier
(Color shown above:  Khaki)


New Native Baby Carrier Slings

Everywhere we go with our babies in a New Native baby carrier, other moms make a point to ask where they can find one of these wonderful carriers!  Babies just look so happy, snug and content while snuggled in the New Native baby carrier; it is a joy to behold a baby happily snuggled in a New Native baby sling.  (We can't count how many adults have said they wish there were a grown-up size sling so they themselves could climb into one and enjoy the ride.)

The New Native baby sling cradles newborns while keeping baby close to mother's heartbeat; older babies enjoy sitting up and watching the world while cuddled next to mama.

The 100% cotton fabrics are lovely and soft (we are particularly fond of the ORGANIC fabric choices, especially the organic natural cotton flannel.)

New Native baby carriers have no buckles, padding, or rings, and are lightweight and easy to toss into a purse or diaper bag.

It is also ideal for discreet nursing, and can be worn with the baby in the front, side or back (newborns in front).  This is the only carrier we have found that makes it EASY to breastfeed, and even breastfeed discreetly (you can pull the fabric up to cover the nursing baby.)  If you have twins, you can use two New Native carriers and criss-cross the slings over each shoulder!  What a wonderful alternative to bulky/awkward slings, and expensive front-pack baby carriers.

We also found the New Native baby carrier to be really the only carrier we have used that allowed us to place our sleeping baby in the car seat without waking the baby, and to take the baby back out of the car seat without waking the baby.

See New Native Baby Carrier Colors and Sizes in Stock

Fabrics available in 100% Cotton; some colors also are available in 100% ORGANICALLY GROWN Cotton.

 Choose from Cotton Twill (lighter weight) and Cotton Flannel (natural color/off-white). 

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