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Kathe Kruse Musical Mobiles and Music Boxes

In a world where soothing baby music in so many of the standard, throw-away toys made for babies is canned computer-chip "music" that sounds nothing like real music, these lovely, traditional music boxes play beautiful lullabies that truly are music to baby's (and parents') ears!  Many of our Kathe Kruse music box/mobiles feature removable dolls/figures for continued companionship and play as baby becomes a toddler and beyond.  The mobiles are not toys and must be kept out of baby's reach; many of the dolls themselves are removable so that babu can play with them.

Kathe Kruse Musical Baby in Star - with Removable Blue Velour Star Baby

Kathe Kruse Musical Dog with Felt Bone Pull String - 14 in.

Kathe Kruse ORGANIC Gnome Grabbing Doll in Soft Organic Musical Bed - 

with Removable ORGANIC Red-Capped Gnome Grabbing Doll in softest ORGANIC cotton musical bed

NEW! Kathe Kruse Musical Fairy Grasslands Jingling Butterfly Fairy Doll / 
with Flower Blossom Music Box


Kathe Kruse Dream Swing - Light Blue - Lamb

Kathe Kruse Musical Luckies Mobile


Kathe Kruse Lucky Polka Musical Doll - 9 in.

Kathe Kruse Milky Way Musical Doll - Pink

Kathe Kruse Milky Way Musical Doll - Light Blue

Kathe Kruse Musical Lamb - 8 in.


Kathe Kruse Musical Small Fairy Mobile

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