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Kathe Kruse Lammbada Lamb Binkie Towel Doll

Kathe Kruse Sambar Bear Binkie Towel Doll

Selecta Topino Baby Toy

Teething Toys and Grasping Toys
Great Selection of HABA, Selecta and Kathe Kruse Grabbing Toys
Made in Germany

Stellina Grasping Toy With Tinkling Bell
Dozens of Teething Toys and Grabbing Toys!

Kathe Kruse Pink Embroidered Vichy Pillow with Bunny

Kathe Kruse Light Blue Embroidered Vichy Pillow with Lamb

Keptin-Jr. Organic Baby Toys

Kathe Kruse Towel Dolls - see our many towel doll styles


Kathe Kruse Nicki Baby  Dolls - 8 inches


Kathe Kruse Gugguli Dolls Dolls - 11 inches

Kathe Kruse Soft Jingling Spinning Top Baby Toy - 
Magic Baby Kreisel
with removable red and light blue soft velour elf dolls


Kathe Kruse Ikibab Labellies Baby Toys

Kathe Kruse 
Labellies Cat
Kathe Kruse 
Labellies Horse
Kathe Kruse 
Labellies Dragon

Kathe Kruse 
Labellies Giraffe


Kathe Kruse 
Labellies Girl
Kathe Kruse 
Labellies Boy

Kathe Kruse Ikibab Labellies Towel Dolls

Kathe Kruse Ikibab Labellies Towel Doll Mah Lamb
Kathe Kruse Ikibab Labellies Towel Doll Max Mouse
Kathe Kruse Ikibab Labellies Towel Doll Mimi Bunny

Kathe Kruse Soft Baby Balls

Kathe Kruse Max Ball

Kathe Kruse Luckies Baby Ball

Kathe Kruse Lavender Sachets


See our beautiful selection of Musical Mobiles and Music Boxes

Kathe Kruse Musical Angel Music Box/Mobile

HABA Music Box Balloon Mobile

Kinderkram Starcatcher Mobile

Kathe Kruse Musical Luckies Mobile / Music Box

Kathe Kruse Musical Baby in Star Music Box / Mobile

HABA Sunshine Mobile

Kathe Kruse Musical Ladybug Dream Swing 

HABA Solemio Wind Chime Mobile

See many more beautiful Musical Mobiles and Music Boxes

See more Musical Mobiles and Music Boxes

Selecta Battino
Wooden Ball & Hammer Game

Selecta Rollina Wooden Rolling Toy

Grasping and Teething Toys & Pacifier Clips 
HABA, Kathe Kruse, and Selecta - Wonderful selection!

bear in ring

Kathe Kruse Rainbow Baby Blue


Kathe Kruse Soft Baby

Kathe Kruse Wash Cloth Puppets

Kathe Kruse Towel Dolls

Kathe Kruse Squeaky Classic Bunny Baby Toy

Kathe Kruse Grabbing Star Blue

Kathe Kruse Grabbing Star Red

HABA Discovery Blocks

HABA Big Voyage
Pull & Stacking Toy
HABA Big Voyage Push Pull Toy and Stacking Toy

HABA Big Voyage Pull and Stacking Toy


HABA Ladybug Pacifier Clip

HABA Hearts Pacifier Clip

Selecta Pacifier Clips / Toy Clips-  Frog and Giraffe

HABA Tra-la-la Baby Clip
Wooden Toy / Pacifier Clip

Selecta Pacifier Clips / Toy Clips - Ladbug, Bear or Duck

HABA Flower Fairies Pacifier Chain

HABA Dream Meadow Play Mat / Changing Pad / Baby Bed

HABA Dream Meadow Play Mat / Changing Pad / Baby Bed

HABA Airy Fairy Swing

Wooden Baby Books by Selecta

Chelona Wooden Play Books

Heirloom Photo Albums

See entire selection of  photo albums

Kathe Kruse Sweetheart Dolls - 14 inches

Kathe Kruse Boy Sweetheart Doll
14 inches

Baby's First Marionette Puppets


Kathe Kruse 
Magic Baby Fruit Basket

Silk Baby Blankets  
by Sarah's Silks
Silk Baby Blankets

Selecta Nico Dog Pull Toy


Wooden Puzzles by Selecta

Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower by HABA



Selecta Pedella Duck Push-Along  Toy

Push him along and Pedella waddles along, and his duck feet making a merry flapping sound.
Selecta Trotto (Horse)

Push him along and Trotto goes riding merrily up and down on his faithful steed.
Selecta Spedino (Mouse) Push-Along Toy
The faster you push him along, the faster Spedino pedals while his arms go up and down, jingling merrily. 

Selecta Papagallo Push-Along  Toy

Push him along and Papagallo flaps his wings cheerfully and jingles merrily.

Selecta Curvino Push-Along Toy

Curvino drives merrily along as he is pushed and steered back and forth.  (The Curvino wooden car is removable from the push pole; 
the car steers left and right.)
Selecta Tattolo Wooden Push Toy

Friendly Tattolo dragon loves to scurry around, wiggling, waggling and clattering, jingling merrily, and entertaining with baby's every step.  more>

These Selecta push toys are crafted in Germany of beech wood and finished with completely non-toxic, child-friendly substances.  A special heat transfer printing process gives the pictures their particularly vivid, bright, and endearing look.  An additional beeswax finish is applied to the surfaces of the baby toys, giving Selecta toys a soft, velvety seal which allows the warm golden tones of the wood to shine through.

HABA Walker Wagon
Pull Toys and Push-Along Toys

HABA Pushing Car

HABA Doll Pram - Blue with Red

HABA Doll Pram Blue

HABA Doll Pram - Natural
HABA Doll Pram - Natural

HABA Baby Gym / Toddler Teepee




See more push toys, walker toys, and doll prams

Gifts Ideas for New Moms!

Antique Replica Baby Cookie Molds

Great for baby showers and for making baby announcements!

The Nursing Bracelet™

Beautiful, stylish bracelets help moms keep track of breastfeeding (left/right, what time, and how long).  


New Native Baby Carriers


Beautiful Hand-Printed Linen-Covered Photo Albums




Thank you for your interest in our extensive family of baby gifts, handcrafted high quality European toys, heirloom wooden toys, handmade dolls, playhouses, games, and children's art supplies.  We are continuously adding new baby toys, wooden blocks and wooden puzzles, heirloom wooden toys, baby rattles, HABA toys, Kathe Kruse toys, Selecta toys, German toys, toddler toys and learning toys, so please check back often!  If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have suggestions for baby toys or European toys you'd like to see us carry, please email us!